Our Approach

We are going to kick out terrorists, and create a public sector mech magick school for a CanUS implimentation of a security covenant... Something usefull for the public sector...

Our Story

I am Ava Hall, and have all GunnD.U.M.B, and GunD.U.M.B. holdings in Canada (Corporation/Operating names,/TradeMarks, Bank Accounts/WebSites etc etc etc), and terrorists want to be My holdings illegally so We haveto do something about it!!!

Meet the Team


Presently I am the only real holder of it all, but I want to recruit real personnel A.S.A.P.!!!


Ava Hall

Founder & CEO

Supreme General

I am guardian intel, and holdings for GunnD.U.M.B. for real...


Open Space

Vice President

We need real personnel now...

And Justice for all...

Thema Project hour ghost hockey freakshow!!!

Yep they ruin the universe every moment in advance...

Save The Earth

Save The Earth!!!